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I guess I was wrong!

I guess yesterday it just felt like a food fail. I woke up this morning and totally expecting to see a gain on the scale this morning (weigh in day) but I was so wrong and very excited. I lost another 1.5 pounds, which brings my total to 21 pounds in 14 weeks. I think that is amazing really. I am so excited for next week now.

Anyway, so far today I haven’t ate anything at all. I am going to have to find something sooner or later even though I am not going to be able to taste it at all. My nose is even more stuffed up then yesterday, but at least I don’t have the sinus headache right now. My dad just went to the store to get me some better medicine because this stuff I bought yesterday worked for like 2 minutes. I ended up only getting like 6 hours of sleep and that was all sitting up because once I would lay down I couldn’t breath. Hopefully when I get the new medicine it actually works because I can’t go another night sitting up to sleep.

Well, I am going to attempt to eat some soup.

I don’t want anything that will scratch my throat even more. I can’t taste anything anyway so hopefully it fills me up a little and then later I can try to eat something more yummy when I see if the medicine works. I added some parmesan goldfish crackers that I put in the soup so they would get soft.

Throughout the day I took several naps. I was just so tired. At some point I had lunch. I didn’t really want to take the time to cook anything so I just threw something together.

I had an everything bagel thin with cream cheese, a banana with some pudding, and grapes. From what I could taste it was yummy.. haha.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!! đŸ˜€


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