A Peek Into My World & My Journey To Find Healthy Success

Spent the day with…

My Dad! Of course šŸ˜€ We decided to stay in and just make something at home for lunch. We couldn’t think of anything that we wanted at the time. So I made…

a shredded chicken wrap with some mayo, grapes, onion, slivered almonds, and some black pepper. On the side i have a juicy peach and half of a Fuji apple. I was so filling and so good. Around 7pm we went to my grandma’s house because my dad wanted to go see her new puppy. The puppy was a lot more spunky then she was when I was over there last week. We stayed there for a couple hours and on the way home we were trying to figure out something to getting for dinner. Everything we thought of was already closed because everything closes so early on Sundays. I suggested that we just run in the grocery store and get some things to make at home and then we can watch one of the movies that we rented. So we went to the store and brought home…

a tuscan style chicken flatbread pizza. My mom and I shared it and it was rather filling and not horrible in calories. While we ate we watched Shutter Island. It was kind of creepy in some parts, and definitely twisty. Well, I’m off to bed. Night!!



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