A Peek Into My World & My Journey To Find Healthy Success

I finally…

watched Twilight for the first time and I thought it was really good 😀 I thought I wouldn’t like it but to my surprise I really did. I am really excited to watch New Moon and get ready for Eclipse to come out Wednesday at midnight. Once I get some time I am going to get the books and read them all. I was already looking on amazon.com to see how much I was going to have to spend on all 4 books. Now I wish I would have seen it sooner and jumped on the Twilight train before every movie already came out.

Anyway, let us backtrack to dinner. I made…

some whole grain pasta, marinara sauce, sliced red peppers, some left over onion, and some fat free mozzarella cheese. It was so yummy! I was going to put some mushrooms on the pasta also but I think they got bad in the fridge because they just didn’t smell like that mushroomy (my new word) smell.

Well, I’m off to bed now. Have a wonderful night!!



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