A Peek Into My World & My Journey To Find Healthy Success

I have been…

reading a lot more lately and I love it!  When I was younger I was not a big fan of reading mostly because I could not read as fast as some could.  By the time I would get a few chapters in I would get bored and find something else I would father do then sit quietly and read.  Now-a-days though I am in love with reading and I don’t know what I would do without it.  For one of my new years resolutions I am planing on reading at least 2 books a month if not more.  It all depends on how long the books are but I am excited to get started =)  The first book that I am going to read starting January 1st is…

I have been wanting this book I first hear about it on the Healthy Tipping Point blog and I finally got it on Christmas day from my mom.  I was so excited and I can’t wait to read it.  I just have to finish the book I am reading now (Harry Potter: Book 2) and then I will be able to start it.  Well, I am off to clean and relax.  I am just so tired today for some reason but hopefully I can get some better sleep tonight.

Question:  Do you like to read?  What is/are your favorite book(s)?


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