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Major storm on the way…

so I am going to have to make this one fast. For lunch I made…

a burrito with some leftover rice, re-fried beans, salsa, and a little cheese. Also I had some chicken noodle soup. There is some many odds and ends in this house I am trying to use some of the things up. I am going to have to go grocery shopping soon. I’m running out of fruit and veggies so shopping mandatory very soon.

For dinner I made…

a morningstar farms hot & spicy sausage pattie with polenta. On the side I had some cannelinni beans, onion, corn and tomatoes with parmesan sprinkled over everything, and a corn muffin with a little hummus on it. So yummy!

Well, I am off to watch the rest of Transformers and do some work. I’ll be back tomorrow 😀



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