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Jimmy Buffet Concert tonight…

and it definitely was a crazy day. When I woke up this morning after I ate breakfast, I had to marinate (in a Caribbean jerk marinade) and cook the chicken for the wraps. After cooking the chicken before I could make the wraps I had to put the chicken in the fridge so that it could get cold. While I was cooking the chicken I was cooking the pasta and making the sauce for the pasta salad. After the pasta salad was done I threw that in a container and put it into the fridge as well so that it would be cold. While the chicken was getting cold I jumped in the shower and got 95% dressed (I had a tank top on) because I didn’t want to get anything on my shirt (that was going over the tank) while I was making the wraps.

I took the chicken out of the fridge and shredded it with a fork. I took 5 LaTortilla Factory multigrain wraps and divided it between the tortillas. Then I took some shredded lettuce and some reduced fat cheddar cheese and sprinkled it over everything and folded them up and wrapped them in foil. Once they were wrapped in foil I cut them down the middle and put them into a container so that they would stay sitting up right so that everything wouldn’t fall out of them. Sorry there aren’t any pictures, I was in a major rush to get everything ready to leave.

Once we left we went to where the limo bus was picking us up and packed everything in and we were off. It took us forever to get to were the concert was being held and to get in the parking lot but at least none of us had to drive. On the way there we all (16 of us) partied. I had like 6 jello shots that someone made. They were so good. I wasn’t going to have that many but it was a party. Other then them I didn’t drink anything else except some diet mt. dew that I brought and some water. We got pictures of everyone in the limo but I have to get them from whoever took them so I will post them in this post when I get them.

At around 8pm the concert started but we decided to stay in the parking lot and barbecue some while the line to get in died down. Here are a couple pictures from the concert…

It was a great concert as usually. Next year I’m sure will be just as fun if not more 😀



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