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Last Day of Freedom!

Well, yesterday evening was the day that I recommitted to Weight Watchers and this time I believe that it is going to stick.  I am the happiest about the new program because all fruit and most of the veggies are now FREE.  That use to be the downside of the old program.  I would always choose something else instead of a fruit because why use 2 points for a banana when you can have something like a 100 calorie pack of cookies for the same amount of points.  It never really made sense to me at all but now this new program seems to make more sense and I am just excited to see what happens on the scale next Monday evening.

To start it off today I had a yummy bowl of oatmeal and strawberries…

and I finally had a Clementine after passing them up about 10 times in the grocery store.  I will never pass you up again.  I haven’t had one it probably more than 10 years and totally forgot what they tasted like.  They are so sweet and juicy and I just fell in love with them all over again.  I will definitely be sad when they go out of season and they are not in the grocery store anymore.

Anyway, if you are all wondering why this post is called last day of freedom it is because this is the last day of my Christmas break and I start my next semester at school tomorrow.  I don’t know if I am ready or not but I am sure about one thing, that I don’t have to drive an hour to school this semester.  I took all online classes this semester because last semester I look one class on campus and the drive there was horrible.  So this semester I don’t have to drive at all and then fall semester I will most likely be living on campus so I am so excited to see what they year holds for me!  Well, I have to do some cleaning (because I didn’t get very much done yesterday) and then I have to get some work done.  Later everyone!


2011 Resolution List!

The time is finally here to share what I have come up with for my new year resolutions.  I took a lot of time to come up with these and I am hoping that I can achieve every single one of them because in the past I have never been very good at keeping with my resolutions.  After about a month or two I always fall of the wagon but this year is the year to get back and actually accomplish what I really want!!

2011 Resolution List!!

1.  Make it within 20 pounds of my goal weight! (My official weight in is on Monday at Weight Watchers so we will see what my starting weight is this time).

2.  Read at least 2 books a month!

3.  Exercise at least 3 times a week!  I have been slacking on this one the past year and I just need to get back to doing this and finding fun ways to stay motivated so I don’t get bored.

4.  Save money for school!  I really can’t say how much I am going to save since I haven’t found a job yet but I am going to save at much as I can.

5.  Sell all the stuff I have accumulated on Ebay!  I have been selling stuff for a while now and I would like to get rid of a lot of stuff before the end of august.  My goal is to at least list all the items I have because that is one step closer to someone buying it.  I am not going to say that someone is going to buy the item but I am very hopeful that they do.  If you would like to check out my items click here.

6.  Try a new recipe at least once a week!  I have so many recipes that I have wanted to try but i just haven’t got around to it but this year is going to be different.

7.  Set mini goals for my weight loss journey and reward myself when I achieve them!  I find that if I do this I will be able to stick to it and achieve my weight goal.

8.  Take more pictures!  Since I have a new Canon SLR camera I see no problem with is goal.  I would have in the pass though because I would always forget my camera but with this one how can you forget it.  It is just so big and beautiful and it just screams take pictures with me, haha.

9.  Just enjoy this year!!  Because in August I will most likely be moving out of my parents house and into an On-campus apartment at my school (that is if they have an opening for me).  I am crossing my fingers!!

Well I am off to watch some more football and relax!  Enjoy your New years day!! =)

Question: What are some of your New Year resolutions?

Resolution time…

is coming up very fast and I have to think of what I what my resolutions to be for 2011.  I have a couple I have thought of so are but I am waiting until January 1st to post them =)  I’m sorry this post is going to be really short but I have to find something to eat and then I have to run to a couple stores and finish the homemade marshmallows I made for the New Years Eve party I am going to tomorrow.

Question:  What is your resolution for 2011?


I am officially going crazy sitting in this house. Right now I just feel like crying. I want this poison ivy or whatever it is to go away so that I can enjoy the outdoors again! I am sick of just sitting in this house. I know what you all are thinking… Just go outside! You don’t realize how gross this is and I am not going to let anyone see this on my face. I don’t think I can wait 1 to 2 more weeks for this to go away. I may end up in a psych ward by then…lol! Well, today has consisted of watching movies all day. Also, not so healthy eating. We still don’t have anything healthy in the house since we just got back from vacation. This is a problem because I am the one that does the grocery shopping. I also miss my car and want to drive it. It has been a whole month since I have been able to get out and enjoy the world by myself. I am going to be so happy when I can just have some alone time 🙂 Well, I am watching Deep Impact right now so I am off and I will be back probably tomorrow or in a couple days. Depends on how I am feeling! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

My Bad…

I know I fell off the blogging wagon the last month or so but I have been going non-stop. I recently just got back from vacation which I was on for the last 3 weeks. I went to Myrtle Beach, SC and Gatlinburg, TN. I had a ton of fun on my vacation but all things have to come to an end. This is because I come home and some how I have gotten poison ivy or oak or whatever on my neck 😦 I don’t want to go anywhere right now because it looks so gross and it’s in a spot that I can’t cover up with a shirt. As of right now I think it is starting to go away but I was reading online that it could last up to 3 weeks. Today is day 6 so I am counting the days until it will be gone and can actually step outside and enjoy the outdoors again…lol! I have so much to do right now with school coming up very very quickly. Well, I am off to watch some tv and relax… To top off all of this, my neck is a little sore and I am just trying not to move it too much.



Sorry I have been MIA… I have been so busy and I just don’t know when I am going to be able to get back on here… I would just like to say… 24 hours until Twilight Eclipse comes out and I will be watching it 😀 I am so excited and just can’t wait!

Well everyone have a great night!!!


So tired today…

I didn’t even set my alarm today like I usually do. I just wanted to get as much sleep as possible because I was so exhausted from being in the sun all day and everything. I slept until like 11am and I am still tired but I got out of bed anyway and I will just have to go to bed early tonight so I can catch up on my sleep and feel rested for tomorrow. Anyway, for breakfast I made…

waffles with some yummy banana, raspberries, blueberries and sugar free syrup on them. Oh, so yummy! I love waffles. Then, after I was done eating I worked on some posts and before I knew it, it was time for lunch because I was hungry again. I had some…

pasta salad (leftovers from last night), with some tuna, and fat free mayo. On the side I had a fuji apple. I didn’t think I was going to like the tuna and mayo in the pasta but it was really good. I think I might have to try it with shredded chicken next time thought. I think I would like it even more with that.

Well, I am off. I will be back a little later.


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