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Sunday Funday!

Usually Sunday is a slow day but yesterday was great.  First I started my day watching football and my Detroit Lions kick some butt against the Minnesota Vikings.  This was their 4th win in a row and I just wish that the season wasn’t over!  While watching the game I munched on some Chinese food.

Once it was halftime I jumped in the shower and got ready to go to the Detroit Red Wings game with my dad.  I bought him tickets for Christmas.  Believe it or not but I had never been to a Red Wings game in my life (I feel deprived.. haha) and I just thought it would be fun to go because my dad loves sports (and so do I).  The only sad part was that I didn’t take my camera with me and get pictures because I wasn’t sure if they were going to let me take it in.  Once we got to the arena thought I found out that I could have brought it.  It just said “no flash photography” and “no lens over 60 mm”.

All in all the game was awesome with the exception of us losing the game.  We were coming back in the 3rd period and scored two goals to make the score 3 to 2 but in the end the Philadelphia Flyers won.  Even though the Wings lost I had a great time and can’t wait to go to another game.  I think I am hooked now!  I mean I have always loved hockey but just being there is 100x better!

Well, I am going to do some cleaning… Be back later =)


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